The main activities of the department are to teach the undergraduate and post-graduate students and conducting research as per the needs of the farmers/country. In particular, the agroforestry department has provided quality education, developed and disseminate appropriate technologies through research and extension works. The specific activities of the department are-

  1. Strengthening existing programs and develop new curricula for the development of agroforestry science in line with update knowledge of the world.
  2. Design, develop, implement and coordinate comprehensive agroforestry researches that would initiate new technologies, which are economically, socially and environmentally feasible and widely acceptable by the farmers/communities.
  3. Disseminate and scaling up agroforestry technologies and knowledge to the farmers, GOs and NGOs, forest department and related stakeholders.
  4. Design and implementing agroforestry projects in responses to farmer key problems, policy changes and needs of the country.
  5. Organizing and also attending the national and international seminar, symposium and workshops.
  6. Maintaining department online peer review Journal title- 'Journal of Agroforestry and Environment’.
  7. Arranging farmers' training and demonstration of innovative technologies in the BAU farm and other research fields.
  8. Creating awareness, motivate tribal and local farmers in the greater Mymensingh district, Bangladesh on sustainable agroforestry production technologies.
  9. Doing administrative duties as per the need and request of the University.